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When it comes to representing your business, you would want to put your best foot forward. Your logo forms the backbone of your corporate image. It is the representation of everything your business stands for in one icon. A logo is the single most important thing that sets your business apart and speaks right to the heart of your customers. 

Each one of our designs is crafted to communicate just this. All we need you to do is fill out a small questionaire so that our designers have a very good idea who your customers or potential customers are and exactly what your requirements are so we can present the best options for your brand. Once you have accepted the initial or "rough" designs we then move on to refining your new brand until the final product has been finalised. 

Logo prices vary depending on the complexity, artistic styles and type of logo you prefer. Obviously the more simple the design, the cheaper the price. We do vector-style logos, single colour, multiple colour, special printing colours, illustrative logos and character design. Each of these carries their own pricing structure. 

Our logo prices start from R4 990 and range upward from there depending on your requirements. With us you deal directly with the owner of Frank Design and the designers. We do require a 50% deposit before we start with any design, once we are complete, we will require the other 50%. Your files will then be forwarded on to you. 

All logo designs are underpinned by sound strategic thinking to give you the best designs that engage your customers most.


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