A business without a website isn't really a business is it?

Well certainly not in the minds of consumers. 

A website is the place where customers can get a feel for your business, can see exactly what services or products you provide and then make a decision whether to buy from you or not.

This is the front door to your business. A powerful website can really put your business on the map especially for startups and smaller enterprises. Your website has to be concise, clear and must reflect your brand in a great light. 

As we are passionate about your business' growth we include the following into every site we do:

External links to all social media - This is a link to all your other social media accounts, to prospective clients can track location, opinion, or specials you might be running. 

 Search Engine Optimisation - this is to boost your site so that Google and all other search engines can find you. Google has special little "bots" which scour the internet for new sites, information and the like. All we do is tell them where to go and come back every 24 hours and read your site again, just in case anything has changed. 

Complete Content Management Systems - This is known as CMS, where you too have complete control of the content of your website. You can submit articles, add pictures or change/add contact details of new employees or amend old ones. 

Beautiful designs making your website exactly what it should be. Your first port-of-call for your potential clients.

We will also make your website completely responsive so that it can work across all mobile media platforms. 

And lastly, we will add contact forms that have additional security in protecting you against SPAM so potential clients can email you directly from your site without having your inbox filled with spam. 

Our website pricing starts at R5 300 incl VAT for a 5-page site. 

We also do SEO and other online promotional items like Facebook page management and banner design for your site. 

Please note - The complexity of your website will determine its price. 



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